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Entry 386 - Shopping

It's finally the weekend, and today mom went to get her new tires for the car. Of course, she had some time to kill, so we browsed the mall and bought some things. Mostly shirts and pants for her and the live-in brother, but I managed to get a cd and a box of strawberry cream pocky. ^^

Sometime tonight, we're going out to dinner. We don't have a time yet, though, so we're waiting for an update on that.

Mom insists I clean my room at some point. I think I will, simply 'cause it's getting hard to move in here. ^^; Summer cleaning, heh.

Still planning for the Vespa thing. I've always wanted one, and Drew (live-in brother, y'know) talked about something cheaper than a paint job. Should be cool, but still debating what model.

People who know mechanical stuff, help me out here. The ET2 is a 2-stroke engine (don't know what that means, besides mixed gas?), and gets 60 mpg. The ET4 is a 4-stroke engine (no mixing gas) and gets about 45 mpg. I'm debating on which would be better in the long run, and if all else fails, has more information. Help me here: which is better?

So I go, to clean or whatever.

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