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Well, in news today.....

I have some news for all of you. Drew is working on getting the dsl connection back up, but they're still having problems. Hopefully, we'll be back on dsl and have our wonderful non-booting system back up and running soon.

I went out and had my own adventure earlier, but I'm glad to be home. I got lost while out bike riding at the park near, a recreation park... and I was going down different paths trying to get back. I ended up out near the mall a couple times, but then took a new path and got behind the two big water dome things. I found a path leading down beside the fence, and I went down that. Eventually I ended up on the beginning of a trail through the woods. I managed to survive all the bumps and stuff through there, and I made it back to the main road. That is, after I got out from the woods and going through someone's side yard.

All right, so I get in trouble. I don't look for it, but somehow it just finds me. Then I need to find a way out, and I did. So, after all that...I didn't do too bad, right? *looks around* Just asking...

Well, I need to have mom take me out to get some posterboard for my science project. It's due Tuesday, but I wanna work on it tomorrow and Monday so I don't have to wait until the last I normally do. I'm gonna take the info I have from Amy and I'll put it all together for our project. What's really cool is that my partner is smart, quiet, and her name is Amy.

Plus, the planet we got is Saturn, and Sailor Saturn is one of my favorites. That and a lot of people say I look like her. Not too bad, huh? ^_^

I'm gonna get this thing posted and head off. Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters!

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