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Entry 385 - Reality Begins

Yes, another entry. I know, you're probably wondering if I have a life yet.

Honestly? Still trying to get it started ^^; but oh well.

Dusty~~ where'd you find that Vespa you posted the image of? Not the ebay-link one, but the photobucket one? I like it so much, it's perfect! <3

Mom told me that we'll be going grocery shopping tomorrow, and then when she goes to Sears to get her new tires mounted, we'll do a bit of shopping. So maybe we can get some new stuff, yay. ^^

Ne, Tasha, where are you? Will you be on at all? Oo I'm still trying to figure out how to start that story, if you have suggestions, try to drop me a line at some point, k?

It's been raining again. Yes, it brings the temperature down to a nice level, but it's soggy and cold again. Blah.

Why is it the newer Vespa models don't come in yellow? I'm sad. ;_; I've always wanted a yellow one, they're so pretty. The image in the comments? So perfect. So much wanting for one exactly like it.

*sigh* So many story ideas, no clue where to start. *ponders*

Still working with the KORA organization idea. Jewel Buck now has a captain named Farina, and a much-higher up named Haskel (and his daughter, Abigail). Still working with that, and coming up with more names. If anyone wants to suggest anything, go for it ^^ it's supposed to be some sort of international thing, so names are a way to start. Also, an R word to fit in with the KORA meaning. So far, it's "knights of ___ Alliance" but no clue what to put in for the R part. Suggestions are welcome, credit will be lavished and internet cookies and milk given ^^;

Yes, posting this now. Talk, people~!

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