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Entry 384 - Realizations (2)

Remember I said I would write an entry later detailing project grad? Well, it's a day late, but here it is.

We met the buses in the student lot at school around 8 Sunday night. It was amusing 'cause when Tim and I got there, Katie's mom was like "heyheyhey, come on my bus plz" and all excited. We went to grab our supplies up at the vans (little plastic bags with stuff, everybody got one) and then went back down and joined her bus. We sat in a line, Katie in one, me behind her, and Tim sitting behind me. Very loud trip up.

The beginning of the night was basically settling in and eating. There were a lot of things to do, and Tim and I bought a lot of raffle tickets for various items. We didn't win anything we tried for, though. Oh well.

Everyone got a prize just for being there, though. That was nice. ^^

A couple sets of doors were left open for fresh air over the night, to keep the place from getting too stuffy. Very nice touch indeed.

We all signed the huge long poster that was out with markers the whole night. A very nice way to remember the year, I suppose.

I kicked Tim's rear at floor hockey ^^; and funny, I'm usually on defense, not out running around. Oh well, maybe I'm getting better.

Around 4 am, things started closing up and people watched the hypnotist. It was amusing, but I only really caught the last few minutes of it. Some girl got to wandering the audience, pretending she was in Hollywood around stars, and walked up to some guy looking like "autograph plz" and the hypnotist asked who it was, and she was like "oh, it's *some star*" and everyone laughed.

What really got me was him getting them to pretend they were on American Idol. Some guy had to sing a song about being a woman. ^^; How funny, right?

We left for town about 5:30-6. Very quiet bus ride back, and there was fog just coming over the tree line as we rode along. So pretty.

We were dropped off in the student lot, and Tim and I started walking. Along the way, I was laughing at the fact that the underclass people had to be up for school ^^; and then mom's friend Karen drove by and asked if we wanted a ride.

We thanked her so much for that. Mom was like "Oo" but then decided to drive us across town to drop off Tim. After that, we headed to McD's for a little 'breakfast' and then back home. I ate, then slept.

Sleeping in? Very nice. I'm usually getting up at 6:45, I went to bed instead at that time. Go me being out of school.

And here I am today. Slept until noon, updating my LJ, doing stuff.

Onto new business. Yes, I know father's day is this upcoming Sunday. My cousin Kate called last night and asked if I wanted to do anything, so we're going out to Mt. Hope and seeing my dad. Well, you get the idea.

She's getting married next year. Go Kate, my Cagalli-esque cousin. <3

I decided I'm going to save my money and buy a Vespa. ^^ they're spiffy little retro scooters and I've always wanted one. It's sad they don't come in yellow, but maybe that pearl-white color would be close enough. I can still get the 'P!' sticker anyway (if I can find it...), right? ^^;

Closest dealer, though? Boston freaking Mass. As in, 4 hours away from here. As in, road trip with truck having bad gas mileage. *sigh*

Well, first thing's first. Saving money. Getting permit. ^^;

But yeah, there's the update. I'm happy to be getting a key to my brother's place in the future so I can always let myself in if I show up there. The cat makes for good therapy.


(PS: Ne, Jenn-chan, Jewel Buck is now part of an organization called KORA, if you can figure out what it could mean. Yay for acronyms?)
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