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Entry 383 - Realizations (1)

It's all over.

Even looking at my diploma, I still can't really believe it.

Graduation is over. School is over. Summer is finally here.

Endless vacation.

The event itself seemed very long, probably due to the fact it was hot outside but even worse inside. No AC in the auditorium, of course. Everyone in the stands had their programs to use as fans, and us graduates used ours that exact way.

Overall, it was a very nice event. Plus, it was made a bit funny by the beach balls (4 or 5 of them, in fact) bouncing over the boys' side of the aisle. A lot of people booed when the beach balls were taken away, but they just returned a couple more times later on. Oh well.

My carnation that I was given is sharing the vase with the peach roses mom bought for me. My dress and gown and underthings are all in a pile on my bed, moved over to my chair for me to sleep, then moved back so I could write this out.

My tassel? I hung that on the wall beside my mirror, so I can look at it every morning when I brush my hair (or more times just to smile).

What's weird is that I've been seeing odd things all week. From seeing the truck dad used to drive passing by, or his birthyear on my namecard, it just proves that he's watching.

He better be, he has bragging rights to all the others. ^^;

Yesterday was a very busy day like all the others. Today? Nothing. ^^

Expect another entry detailing project grad, once I get all relaxed.

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