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Entry 382 - Graduate Worries

Permit me my final worry entry before the big event.

It's officially Sunday morning, about 18 minutes before 1 am.

I go to breakfast with the mother and her sister in about 9 hours.

About 5 hours later (from 11 to 3 is about 5, right?), I need to be on the road towards the auditorium, stopping only to drop off the tickets for Tim and his sister. An hour later, I begin the event itself.

By at least 7 tonight, I will be a high school graduate.

If this is supposed to be the beginning of the rest of my life...why do I feel so utterly afraid and lost about being a graduate?

Amy's party was fun, yes, but then there were all of the adults asking Rose and myself about future's not very fun having to explain that I don't want to go on to college, but how else can I answer?

Add to that the heat expected for tomorrow, and all the stuff left to do...I guess maybe I'm just nervous that not everything will be done in time. I feel bad that I couldn't do much to help, too.

Also, mom's birthday...I feel like I'm taking over her day. It should be her special day, not mine, but she keeps insisting she doesn't mind. I know she's happy for me, but I still want to do something more for her.

Maybe breakfast will go well. We invited the brothers, but they didn't seem very interested. Oh well, more for us.

If this entry seems a bit on the whiny side, deal. My life is stressful right now, and this is my vent. My journal. Respect my world.

So yeah, feeling better now. This place is nice.

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