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Entry 381 - Dress Rehearsal

Being awake before 9 on a day not taken up by school? Not fun. x.x

I don't think any of us were truly awake until about halfway through, maybe. So much chattering going on and all, I guess we were all waking each other up.

The event itself should be even longer. Starts at 4, will probably last about 2 hours or so, then it'll be over (by what, 6?), and then I'll have about an hour or so to go home and change before I leave to catch the ride up to the UMO field house for project grad. Busy day, Sunday.

Amy's party is tomorrow. I'm getting her cookies, as promised. Should be fun, she says she's been busy getting ready for it. With the turnout expected, I can see why ^^; lots of her friends and family.

To those coming to graduation: make sure you have tickets. The pink ones apparently don't have to be used for reserve seating, those who have them can always join the bleacher crowd.

Note: explain this to Tim before Sunday, he'll be using a pink ticket.

Has anyone noticed I've been updating more frequently lately? Hm? ^^; might as well take advantage of my extra free time and lovely permanent account, ne?

Random: I suddenly want an ice cream cake. A bunny one, if possible. /random

It's not very hot today, really. There's a bit of a breeze, it's about 73, not over 80, and sorta-cloudy. Wonderful weather, in fact.

We're supposed to have rain and storms later, into Monday (maybe). Not fun.

Mom says she needs to make a store run, but I think I might go instead if she'll let me. After all, I can use the exercise, and I can carry a lot more than I've been able to in the past. ^^ besides, she needs to relax.

Also, the walking helps me think. It's nice enough out, if the weather gets bad, I have my cellphone and can call for a ride.

So, banquet last night was pretty fun. The food was nice, the speakers were amusing (toast to faculty/admin = Star Wars parody, heh), and the place was very nicely set up. Totally different from the prom, really.

Have I mentioned Main St after dark is very nice? ^^ it is.

I met up with Amy and Rose before and after the practice. It's funny, see, since Rose is in the row in front of me, and Amy is behind me, so we're all basically together. Spiffy, huh? Amy and I made faces at each other during the lulls. So much fun.

I followed them out to the parking lot after, since we were all talking. Amy offered me a ride, so I joined them in the car.

Very nice car, and Amy is a very good driver. A spiffy ride, and much fun had by all involved. Tomorrow is going to rock. <3

So yeah, there's the update. It's more exciting if you're involved ^^;

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