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Entry 379 - Last Day of School

Yup, the entry title's right. Last day. No more school.

Most people would be excited. I, however, just feel *lost*.

I'm happy to be out, yes, but I just don't know what to do next. I'm finally free, I have a few more activities before I graduate, but then I'm just left to my own devices.

What is my next move? What does the future look like from here?

*looks around* Alright, enough philosophical stuff for now. Onto business.

Yes, I'm posting to make my shiny account worth it ^^ goes to waste if I don't post anything, right?

Ne, Tasha, I never saw you on last night. ;_; Had some questions about customizing accounts for you, since yours looks so well-done. Hope I see you tonight, and I'll start that story when I can figure out the prologue ^^;

To everyone else: for best of luck for the future. Good luck to you all!

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