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Entry 378 - Final Night

Well, since I'm posting this, you can infer I didn't go to senior salute. That's right, since I stayed home due to being very overheated and tired. I wore myself out today and needed a break, so I wound up not going. No big problem, since it wasn't manditory (luckily), but I still feel a bit bad about skipping it.

Did anyone look at my userinfo? ^^ I am permanent now, all. Go me, and my family for buying it for me. Graduation present, indeed.

I can play chess now. Tim and I went by the dollar store earlier, after buying cookies and water for the final book club meeting, and I bought him a little magnetic chess set. On one condition--he had to teach me to play.

The meeting went well, and apparently the librarians have plans to hold a book sale next year at some point. I offered to help out ^^ how could I not?

But yes, I have a lovely permanent account. <3 Must play with features.

Tasha~~~ why are you not online? Where are Kara and Jenn? ;_; So alone.

Tomorrow is LASTDAYOMGWTFSUMMERGRADUATIONCOMINGPANICSTRESS. Only one final then, though (art history) and I'm done. Must bring camera.

People come online and talk, I'm all alone here. Itai, any word on community creation for NCC?

And yes, Crystall, I did see your name on my userinfo. ^^;

So to play with new stuff. Until later, then?

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