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Entry 377 - Aftermath

Being out late isn't so bad. Besides, downtown is nice after midnight: it's quiet, not so full of traffic, and the weather was very mild. Go us ^^

Those who are expecting pictures might get them soon, don't know yet. It depends on when they get developed and stuff.

Yes, I had a fun night. Yes, I stayed the entire time. Yes, I enjoyed myself. I'll play 20 questions at some point in the future.

After the prom was a bit more fun ^^ we walked down to the fire station on Main and called mom from there. On our way there, of course, we stopped at a corner store for soda and chips (after water and cookies, I needed substance) and then walked all the way. Nice walk, but I'm never wearing those shoes again if I can help it. Cute, but not made for walking x.x

Side note: Jen C had the same purse and shoes as me ^^ bought from the same place, how ironic is that?

The guys came and got us, we took Tim home, then cruised around town for a bit and talked. Came home, changed, we went back out and drove clear to Howland and back.

There is absolutely nothing in Howland. Nothing of interest, anyway.

We came back into town about 3:45, dropped Scott off at his place (I'm welcome there anytime I need to, thank you biggest brother), then swung by McD's for a late-night food fix. Too early for breakfast (they start at 4) so we just got some fries and stuff. Then finally back home for the night.

I didn't get to bed until after 4. Sunrise came way too early *sigh*

As it was, I woke up about 10:30 this morning to find that mom had gone to breakfast without me (no problem, I figured she would) and that we'd be going shopping later. I nibbled a bit and went browsing LJ.

Side note: Sunday is a big deal here, since mom and I go to breakfast with her sister (and maybe others) on Sunday mornings and it's pretty fun. Normally I get bummed out if I miss it, but I was so tired this time that I just didn't mind.

We did go shopping, but didn't find much. We finally went into the mall.

I finally found shoes for graduation. Finally. JCPenney's, $22.

They're white, and have little bows on them. Flats. With little heart beads on the ends of the bows. In my size, and they fit well. I so rule. ^^

Tomorrow is my first day of finals, and I only take one. The morning will just be normal schedule, then 11-12/13-14/15-16 finals. I can leave early. As for 11-12, I'll just see where I can go. No problem.

My last day of needing lunch money. I miss the cafeteria already.

All in all, the weekend hasn't been too bad. Friday was a bit lousy, but going out to dinner helped, and the weekend got better from there.

Ne, Tasha, I see you online, do you see me? ^^;


PS: Ne, ne, Amanda-cuz, I can't wait to see your cosplay pictures~ <3
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