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Entry 376 - Prom

Yes, today is the day. Seems like everybody and their mother wants pictures of me all dressed up (I feel like Cagalli, if that helps; I live in jeans and shirts, wtf do you expect?) and the day is very steamy.

Yes, summer is coming. Hopefully tonight is cooler so we don't die of heat.

Mom's downstairs ironing my dress, and I'm eating and preparing to go shower. Hopefully the shower will help, and we can mess with my hair better.

I tried the dress on for a final time and mom was like "hey, it fits better now, maybe all that walking helped?" I guess maybe it did. Dunno, really.

So much to do, so little time...and I still don't have my shoes for graduation yet -.-; and here's another thing:

So we need our caps and gowns and outfits (and shoes!) for senior salute, which is this upcoming Tuesday, right? Little problem: Jostens had some shipping errors, so a handful of us don't have our caps and gowns yet (we'll supposedly get them Monday). I still have to find shoes.

Add this to the fact that I have only one final Monday, can leave early, have so much to do Tuesday (however many finals, and then leaving early and coming back for book club later, and then senior salute that night), I've been pretty wound up lately. Needless to say...stress sucks.

I dropped a few hints about the permanent account sale LJ's having...maybe mom will do that, and I can use all my icons together <3 I hate having to choose among them.

Still plugging along, though, but all the stress has cut my writing again. I have a couple of books to read and I did some work in the reading room yesterday (organizing books, how fun ^^), but still, the writing just isn't really coming. Oh well.

So yeah, here's to hoping things lighten up and get better.

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