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Entry 375 - Winding Down

Yes, the title is true. Yes, I am freaking out. Yes, the year is closing.

My mind, when not focusing on writing, has been in a constant state of "omgwtfgraduation" and the list of events I'm going to. Add to that the little RPG video thing my friends and I have been working on, and I'm one very busy little girl.

I have all my stuff for prom (sans tickets: we get those this week), and apparently Tim's all set as well. This should be fun (Saturday, June 4).

I will have my cap and gown for senior salute, and the marching practice should help (next practice June 2, senior salute June 7).

I'm using the blue dress I wore to my cousin's wedding as my dress for senior banquet, since it's semi-formal and the dress looks good. Plus, I have shoes and stuff for it, no need to buy another dress ^^ (June 9).

Rehearsal and final march practice for graduation shouldn't be too bad. It should be able to fill us in on everything and give us a chance to become familiar with the BA layout (June 10).

Our last actual day of school will be the last 3 finals, and then we're out forever. Final book club meeting is set for the day before; thing is, Tim and I might not be able to come unless we leave and come back later. Maybe the club will continue without us? I hate to leave it (last day June 8, last meeting June 7).

The big day will be quite full, since I'm planning on something fun for mom that morning, possibly breakfast, and then I have to be at BA early to prepare for the event. After that, go home to eat, then up to the school to catch my ride to Project Grad that night into the next morning. I can only wonder what condition I'll be in after an all-night party...(June 12; PG until early June 13)

As for just today...started off with breakfast, but just mom and I went today. We went home for a bit, then went out to do some last shopping for prom supplies. First stop was Sally Beauty Supply (nice place, they have stuff for hairdressers and beyond), where we found some very nice hair extensions. We headed to K-mart after in search of white shoes for graduation (I have a dress, the shoes are an issue), but no luck. Nothing good at Payless, either, so we came home with the Sally stuff and vowed we'd try again some other time.

We have a new lawnmower now, since the riding one has flat tires and is in pretty sad shape anyway. The new one is a push one, but it gets the work done anyway. I got to use it for a little while today; mom and I took turns using it. Kinda fun, but very tiring. The front yard looks great, though ^^

It started raining a little after we finished. We have great timing.

Tomorrow's a holiday; not sure what we'll do yet.

To think, this entry was originally just going to be to show off my new icon that Tasha made for me. ^^ see how long it got?

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