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Entry 372 - Spring Break 2005

That's right. About time, too ^^; I was bored.

Yesterday, I spent the morning cleaning, then went on a store trip.
Today, I spent most of the day at Scott's, helping with clearing up bits of old siding (and keeping an eye on Justina so she didn't get in the way).

I never want to see a tire swing again. x.x I hate spinning.

Tasha, why haven't you been online lately? Not even an LJ entry. ;_;

I'm so tired after all this excitement over the weekend. It was pretty hot, too...not much wind. It felt more like summer than spring <3

It could be worse, though. Could be *snow*.

So yeah...hope I'm not bored this week.

Anyone wants to talk to me, drop me a line. You know where I'll be.

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