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Entry 371

Wow, I really let this thing go again. ^^; Oops?

Talent show was good, lots of people showed up to watch, and it was fun.

Kara, I expect pictures of you in the pretty dress, I'm giving you one of me in my prom dress. ^^; Besides, I bet you look pretty.

Me, I went for strapless. Saves stress, saves time, looks spiffy <3

Ne, Tasha, why are you not online? Oo it's very unusual.

It snowed today. I woke up this morning to fluffy white stuff on the ground again after a few weeks of lovely spring, and all I have to say is "omgwtf?"

Yes, I will try and update this more regularly. Hey, I have a lot to do and I keep forgetting since it's not really a high priority compared to school. Go figure, right? I'm not letting senioritis kill my year. I want out. ^^;

So...yeah. I'll be here.

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