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I have to post fast, so don't ask questions....

Well, I had a truckload of makeup work for today, which I will tell by my class list:

Mods 1-2: Health. Nothing, really. Blah.
Mods 3-4: Algebra. Notes. 3 lessons to make up. Did most of each one. Blah again.
Mods 5-6: Civics. Test and quiz. No homework. It was fine, I guess.
Mods 7-8: English. Questions to do. Didn't have to do vocab quiz 'cause I was absent. Project due next next week...see below.
Mods 9-10: Same. Lunch and study hall. Nothing new.
Mods 11-12: Science. Nothing new. Have to work furiously on project for presentation on Tuesday...*cringes*
Mods 13-14: Focus study hall. Nothing new. No errands. -_-
Mods 15-16: Reading. Pizza party on 11/19. Makeup to finish then.

And that's pretty much it. Nothing else.

And I just got booted again. Life is just peachy for me today, yup. *sigh* I want it to be tomorrow already. Is that so wrong?

I might be getting together with Jessie and Kelly tomorrow, and we'd do some games, and have lots of fun. Right now, I'm planning on going to bed and having dreams. Oh, look, I'm magicalifically back on. You like that word? Good. I have a very extended vocabulary.

Ooh, Carrie has an AIM account now, but it's at her grandparents' place. In Glenburn. Which is about 3 or 4 miles away. Oh, well. Maybe we can get an LJ for her, too....*creative grin*

I'm gonna head off to bed now. Niters all, sleep well and have dreams. I'll try to post a new bio in the next entry if I can, k? Laters!

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