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Entry 370

So yeah, I'm back. Spring break is coming and I'm praying that mom will let me go see Tasha and Kara (I want to go so badly ;_; I'm begging) and that things will go well.

I decided to switch my icons. Aren't they pretty? The default (Myra) I had in my files somewhere; the Nicol and Lacus ones (among others <3) were made by Tasha. Maybe someday I'll use the other ones (the pair ones, maybe).

Just realized the 3rd quarter ends next Friday. Commence panic.


Talent show that night, prom in June, graduation, dessert, I'm going to be pretty busy ^^ so much to look forward to.

Ne, Sara-Lacus <3 hope you come back online sometime so we can talk and maybe do stuff, and hopefully you have a safe trip back to school. I've been watching GSD, and well...just a couple things. I'll tell you sometime ^^;

The snow is melting and the rain will take it all away. About time, I'm sick of winter. Yay for grass and not-yay for mud.

I'm wanting to write but nothing's coming through. I hate it. Anybody have suggestions on what to do to cure writer's block? Anyone? At all?

Ne, Tasha~~ still taking icon requests? ^^; I haven't seen you on all day. I was hoping to talk to you...maybe tomorrow? Or later, rather?

Kara~~ I'll be watching for the books whenever you send them. Hoping mom will let me come down there for spring break so I can deliver your stuff in person (Tasha's, too). <3 you both. ^^

So yes, I'm going to use a pretty new icon and post this thing.

Amanda-cuz, it's good to see your entries all happy ^^ being sad is lousy.

Yay Nicole for your happiness and hopefully things continue to go well for you (and your friends, and everyone else).

To everyone else....yeah. You know who you are. Best of luck and all.

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