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Entry 369 - Addendum

Apparently some people didn't catch what I said last post. To the two who didn't get it, here it is again:

If you're just going to whine, don't bother. I know what you think, and I personally don't care anymore. Go whine and complain in your own sandbox, where you can get all the sympathy you want. This is my journal, I will and can post what I think. First amendment rights, remember?

My journal, my rules. Don't like it? Get the fudge out. Simple.

RJ, nice response. Kara, I'm sorry I missed you and you should post something like this yourself if you want ^^ it helps get the frustration out without damaging property. Sara-Lacus, if you do come online and want to do something, I'll be here <3

As you were, people.

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