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Entry 368 - Updates

Pardon me, but I feel a need to rant.

If Carrie says one more thing about her and her girlfriend, I might have to throw something at her. -.-; seriously. All I've heard lately is "Crystal this" and "Crystal that" and it's getting very old.

Yes, Carrie, you are 17. Yes, you supposedly have a girlfriend. No, I do not want to hear anything else about you and her cuddling and kissing and being very lovey-dovey. I will throw up--all over you, if you're within range, probably.

I hate attention whores. Really. I'm afraid that Carrie is becoming one, with all her stories and stuff. It worries me sometimes.

I also am assuming that my role in the "group" is over and I've been replaced. It's about time, then--we've been split for a while. I don't even bother to talk to the others much (if at all) anymore since it seems we're just not bonded anymore. Oh well. If it means not having to listen to Carrie crow about being in love with some chick, all the better.

I'm suddenly dreading OPT just 'cause she's thinking of bringing the girlfriend along and suggested the group watch some very trashy movies. I'd rather not watch anything involving Hilary Duff or some stupid over-dramatized look at the "mean girls" of high school. Why watch a movie about a "teenage drama queen" when I deal with real ones at school every day?

Forget movies. I could make a reality movie on my own life.

Think it'd sell? I could have an interesting time with it.

I'm sick of lies, of ridicule, of boredom, of isolation. I'm sick of the "popular" stuff and of the "fashion" of today. I'm sick of the need to be "trendy" based on the styles of the times.

Personally, I'm happy tomorrow is an in-service day just so I can be home and not have to interact with school people. I can stand the "cafeteria knights" (my personal group) and a few other people, but that's it.

I will be so happy to graduate and get away from the others. I'm sick of routine and can't wait to be free from the drama and the stupidity.

Yes, I feel better getting this out. Whoever has a problem with it? Don't bother reading it and whining about it, I'll ignore you. Believe me.

Please let June 12 come soon. Please, please, please. Or at least the 4th, I can go to prom and party with my actual friends. Most of them are seniors, anyway, so I can graduate with them. Those of my friends who aren't (Megan, Abby, Kevin, Itai, Tim O, Sarah M) I'll keep in touch with and wait eagerly for the day they all graduate ^^

So yeah, I guess I'm done. Whine if you will, I needed to get this out.

If anyone really needs me, I'll be online.

Kara~ feel better <3 Tasha, hope you're not mad at me.

Sara-Lacus, I miss you and hope you get home safe. Maybe we can do something when you get back online? ^^ *sings Mizu no Akashi to you*

To everyone else...hope your night goes how you want it (best wishes to Nicole <3 and Kirk, poor guy) and....yeah. That's all.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled silence.

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