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Entry 367 - Snow Day(3)

Yeah, I haven't updated since the last snow day, but oh well.

As of 5:23 am, March 09, Bangor and the surrounding areas declared a snow day. Looks like those of us who didn't want to go anywhere now don't have to anyway. ^^

I figured when Glenburn and Old Town showed up on the list, there was a good chance we would, too. Seems like the whole state shut down again.

A free day off is nice, but is anyone else sick of winter yet?

So seniors get to sleep in anyway, underclassmen get to take a day off from testing, and hopefully I can get my projects done that I need to collaborate with my partners on.

Ne, RJ, still want cheesecake?

So to all the ME people out there (all...what, 10 of us?), relax and sleep in, we have a snow day...again. This makes a total of 5 this year. They're probably regretting limiting us to 3, huh? I feel bad for the juniors and lower who have to go longer.

This should make the rest of the week interesting, rescheduling the testing for the underclass people. They could use a day to recover, anyway.

That's the thing about Bangor: no 2-hour delays or half-day cancellations, we either go or we don't. Nice, huh?

Wow, long entry. Kara, I hope you're on later, and Tasha, you too.

Hikari-chan, not only do you play a very good Lacus, but also a very good Athrun. ^^; I guess we can switch him off between us, depending on who he's interacting with. *gives cookies*

To all you others, good luck with your issues and hopefully everything turns out right in the end. Get some sleep!

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