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Entry 365 - Snow Day(1)

Yes, it is official. Before 05:30 am, even, Bangor and the surrounding area closed. That's right, closed. Cancelled. Snow day.

We are free, ladies and gentlemen. Free, free, free.

And probably nobody will see this, 'cause you're all asleep and I'm not. I'm wide awake, and I blame the advil.

I blame the advil for everything, have you all noticed?

So we get today off, first snow day of this month, and I lost count of how many for the school year. Why they didn't keep our 5-day limit instead of 3 days, I'll never know, we probably had 5 this year alone. Luckily, seniors don't have to make up snow days. Yay. ^^

I know it's after 05:30, who cares? I'm too awake to sleep.

Besides, it's windy out, and I can't sleep anyway. Go figure.

Ne, Hikari-chan, next time we play, it should be a very dramatic moment...hopefully we don't wind up crying too hard over it ;_;

Yes, I am rambling. I feel like it.

To Nicole, aiming for a new frontier: I never thought of you as a goddess or a saint, I liked you and your entries for being real. You are a realistic person, and not everyone is strong. I don't think you need to be a role model if you don't want to be, but try and be strong for yourself. If you ever need help, though, you have good friends to turn to in real life and online, and I wish you and Shane the best of luck <3 hang in there best you can, and good luck in your future.

To anyone else who needs a pick-me-up: hopefully good luck will come your way, too, and keep in mind that only you can determine your destiny, though some things just won't be up to you.

All right, now I should post this and be off. Yay snow day~~

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