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Entry 364 - Vacation Recap

It's over. Nothing really happened, other than going to the library with people. Got a couple of books, that was all.

Cold and windy all day today, we have a storm expected tomorrow night into Tuesday (possibly no school?), but tomorrow will be clear. I'm expecting to see everybody tomorrow, we can all mourn vacation together or something.

I have a prom dress. I'm still amazed at this. Granted, I'm going to feel a bit odd (I don't usually wear dresses), but it should be fun. I'm going with a friend (he feels like almost a brother to me, though), but he's as excited as I am. Should be a fun night.

Hey, RJ, remember to bring whatever you have (I have the list of websites) so maybe we can do more research tomorrow after school if the teacher isn't there for the computer. Might be easier to do on his computer anyway, since we don't really have a way to transport the powerpoint.

Boredom sucks, and I swear I've taken enough advil to become a druggie pilot. Give me a suit and maybe I could kick some butt. Or not. Whatever.

Can't tell I'm bored or anything, can you?

Blah. Hormones suck. -.-

Anybody have some chocolate? I think I could use some. Badly.

I'm not actually looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. I wouldn't mind a snow day...just not Tuesday, please? I'd like to have a book club meeting sometime before the year is over.

Hikari-chan (my Lacus-chan <3), should I expect to see you tonight? I suppose the Haros will be following, loyal as they are ^^;

Yeah, anyway...I'm gonna post this. Maybe I'll update later, too...

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