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Entry 363 - To My Friendslist...

...I offer a warning. There's some moron out here on LJ trying to be me (and failing miserably) and they seem to have copied my friendslist. Those of you who see this person, don't add them back thinking they're me, they're not me, this is my only account. want details? the previous entry...go down through the comments, you'll find them.

I'm not giving out their name, since they're using my real name as their LJ username. Just go see for yourselves. I wanted to warn you of all this since they seem to have added all of you to their friendslist.

They created the LJ on 02-08, first entry 02-08 (though dated 02-20). Anyone else calling troll? Evil impersonating troll?

We're planning to catch them. What's the best way to go about this?

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