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Entry 362

Well, there goes my new year's resolution of posting more regularly, huh? Oh well, I never pay attention to resolutions anyway.

Midterms passed no problem. Now into the third quarter, and I have a study hall mods 15-16. In A7. Which means I'm close to my locker and no longer have to keep my jacket in Sarah's on Thursdays. ^^ That, and I can walk out through the admin doors with Tim.

Kara-Kiba, I'm happy you're happy about the story. ^^ We're happy you wanted to get involved, and the story should be in your inbox now. Enjoy!

Ne, Tasha-Hige, you poofed Oo why so fast?

Hikari-chan, I saw you on earlier but now you're not on ;_; maybe later?

RJ, we need to meet up and work on those projects for astronomy. Pick a day, we can talk about it.

I think it's a good thing, Hige-chan, that we switched my visit to April break, the teachers are in their "must do showcase" mode now, which means almost every class is doing projects.

My brothers are mourning the fact that the snow is melting and they can't go snowmobiling this weekend. Oh well, we have a storm on the way, maybe that will change things for them.

But yeah...still excited about getting a cell-phone (thank you biggest brother ^^), looking forward to vacation, and not looking forward to all the research projects that need to get done. *sigh*

Until next time...

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