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Short celebration...and I'm back on cable again......

Well, after about 3 days of celebrating dsl, I'm back on cable 'cause someone took away our net connection. So in order to get online, I have to be on cable. And being on cable means I need to post fast and post soon before I get booted off. *sigh*

I stayed home today and left school early yesterday. It's that time again, and I just couldn't handle the pain. That's why I left early, and also why I stayed home today. I slept until noon, then ate something, and eventually went outside, only to go on a hunt for a friend of mine's little brother. Someone really needs to put a leash on that kid, really...jeepers....

Still no word on story session at Kelly's...I hope we can do it this weekend. If not, maybe next weekend, if Mike can't do the get-together. Lots of stress........

I'm gonna try to take a shower later, and hope it makes me feel better. God, lots of catching up for me to do tomorrow. I know what we were gonna do in class today anyway, so I pretty much know what to do. I just have 2 unknown days of classwork to catch up on in reading.

Well, I'll try to post later if possible. Laters, all...

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