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Entry 361 - Snow Day~!

Yes, you read right. Our first snow day of the year, even if it is during midterm week, but who cares? Snow day! ^^

Testing hasn't been too bad, actually. I mean, my tests weren't very hard or very easy. Some were just fun.

Yay for snow days ^^ I listened to the radio this morning and almost fell off my bed when they listed the school cancellations. Mom came up a few minutes later and confirmed, and I started squeaking in joy. She told me to go back to bed and calm down. It took a while. ^^;

So yeah, long week. Amy's party went well, we traded jello jokes for the last hour or so of it. I have met someone who made pudding on the stove, it's really funny.

Yes, the LJ blackout did affect me. I am a wuss. <3 LJ.

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