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Entry 359

So math class made my day today. Near the start of class, Caroline asked if we could start switching seats. The teacher was like "fine, but no reassigning seats will happen" or something. I talked to her at the end of class and asked if I could move so she could have my seat.

The teacher said I could. ^^

Starting Monday, I will no longer have to deal with sitting with stupid people. I can finally have a seat with the smart ones who know when to shut up. Spiffy, huh?

That made my day, seriously.

Carlin, sorry I backed out at the last minute for the thing today, but I realized when we got to your place that I probably wouldn't be very social. Besides, you guys will have fun playing games and such even without me there ^^; not like my presence will make that much difference or anything.

Ne, Kara-Kiba, you're so pretty and have such tiny handwriting. I feel like mine is all big and messy now ^^; it's weird. And yes, I do expect more pictures in the future and it does give you an excuse to write more letters.

So now I have pretty pictures of both Tasha-Hige and Kiba-chan ^^ yay. And they will go on the top of my lovely wooden keepsake box where there is a little picture frame so I can display my pretty new friends.

...if that made any sense to you, you get a cookie and I'll consider hiring you as a translator for my random nonsense. ^^;

So it snowed this morning. It's pretty cold out now, too.

And this is the end of my weird entry, so I'll update later once I'm actually awake.

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