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Entry 358 - Irritation

So, today was pretty mellow. The test we were supposed to have in math tomorrow has been moved to Monday, music lit will be meeting in the auditorium tomorrow due to the room being in use, reading is going well, and the rest of the day is like clockwork.

Until we get to the end of today, and OPT. Bus ride is fine, weather isn't too cold, and we get snacks. Carrie usually has extra money so we go in and raid the YW vending machine before heading into the mansion for the meeting. Today I had some extra change, so I tried to get some candy.

The first one got stuck. Carrie put in more money and tried for a second one. Both came free that time, so I got double candy. ^^;

The theme for the day was team-building activities. The veterans (Carrie, me, the Brewer girls, and Liz R, as well as Jess R) had a great time and looked forward to it. The new girls (freshmen, they talk all the time and were very rude the last meeting) just sat there and did nothing. The entire time, in fact, even when we were doing stuff.

There was an activity the group was struggling over, and they offered some advice...we basically suggested they come join us but they declined, so we started ignoring them. We figured it out later due to Jess R being a smart cookie that day and stating what should've been obvious. ^^;

Devon (one of the Brewer girls, the others are Sarah and Risha) looked like she was about to blow something up, but she managed to hold her irritation in and was alright. We all ranted about it to each other during breaks.

It started snowing about 4 here, and about an hour later we piled into the vans to head home. Apparently, in 2 weeks, we're going to Millers ^^ yay. And the week after that, we're having an 'arcade day' where we bring in games and have lots of fun.

Plus, the week of midterms, now I'll have 2 things to look forward to: the graphic novel thing and the Millers trip. ^^; Double yay.

Ne, Tasha-Hige, you poofed so fast tonight. Will you be on tomorrow/later?

Ne, Kara-Kiba, I still want pictures of pretty you~ ^^; and maybe I'll try and call you this weekend, you're so fun to talk to.

I still want to go on a Borders trip. That giftcard is staring at me.

So yeah, today wasn't a total loss, and maybe the freshmen chicks will go off and find something they'll actually join in with. We weren't too happy they showed up and did nothing, and as I said, they were very rude at the last meeting when Kathy was there working with us. They were loud and misbehaving, and we were all not very amused. I'm surprised they weren't asked to leave the room or something.

Carrie did tell me they were dismissed from the holiday party for improper behavior. ^^ Wonder if they learned their lesson yet...

So yeah, that's all for now. Expect more later...or something.

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