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Entry 357

No title. Can't think of one anyway.

Today was kinda lousy. I'm despising the people in my math class (except for Amy, who's way across the room from me). I wish the teacher would just let us change seats so I wouldn't have to deal with ditz and her stupid chatterbox friend (Brianna and Caroline, who sit in my row and they never shut up please somebody hit them with a brick or something) every single day.

The weather's been alright, I guess. I do want more snow, and we're supposed to get wintry mix on Sunday, so maybe that will help. Maybe we could even get a snow day on the 10th, I'd be happy with that.

I'm not looking forward to math tomorrow. In fact, I've become very disinterested in my math class due to the stupid people I'm surrounded by. I just want to move near Amy--she's sane, she's quiet, and I can stand her.

I've even been unable to write much lately. Maybe I'm just overstressed, I don't really know, but I'm just kinda blah. Holiday burnout, maybe?

Hopefully tomorrow won't suck as bad...

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