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Entry 355 - New Years (3)

Updating now since I've been playing that game most of the day. My brother now has a dragon that's 31 ages old, almost to the next rank (the looking skyward one is so adorable, I'm loving this game so much).

Did anyone try calling me earlier from a cellphone? A number came up but I didn't answer it since I didn't know the number (and how dare someone call during YYH, right Tasha-Hige? ^^; lol)

Hard to believe it's back to school on Monday. Sad, huh? ;_;

I'm glad you and Moira got your gifts, Jeffy. ^^ I was afraid nobody saw the bag on the door or something had happened to it.

Doesn't look much like winter outside. How absolutely boring.

Anxious to write, and so many how come nothing's getting written?

I'm amazed that this vacation seems to have gone by so fast. Anybody else feeling like we missed something? Oo

Yeah, so, I'm kinda bored and maybe I can write something later or maybe after I post this. Or maybe I'll just say random things. Or maybe not.

Maybe I'll just post this and go do something.

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