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Entry 354 - New Years (2)

I told you I'd be updating again soon. ^^

My first new story for the new year is going to be an anime crossover as a reality show type of thing. I got bored one night and figured 'eh, why not?' and so I started mentally planning it out. I'm just starting the writing of it now, and I may type it up at some point.

Jess, thanks again for letting me borrow Kelly's huge badfic (and your rewrite of it ^^ and the journal thing once you update it) and I will take lots of notes to help. Maybe I can write a parody of it.

Scott, mom said you wanted me to earn some badges for you in that mahjong garden game? We haven't crossed paths online, she said you were going to give me the info to do so. ^^ IM me sometime.

Speaking of this game, my dragon is 6 ages old. ^^ Cute little thing. I've been playing the free trial version on mom's computer (under one of her other names, and usually when she's gone to bed).

This game makes the anime/manga fan in me giggle madly. Each round, the tiles are placed in the shape of a zodiac animal (the Chinese zodiac, mind you) which means that it's like unlocking the gift of each animal when a round is complete. ^^ Any Furuba fans out there? You'd like this game.

I could almost hear laughter when a round really stumped me. It was a boar one, maybe Kagura was teasing me? ^^; I am a dork.

Meanwhile, the snow continues to melt and wash away. *siiiiiigh* We won't have much of a winter if this keeps happening.

But then, if we don't get huge storms in February, there's a chance I can go down and hang out with Kiba-chan and Hige-chan ^^ that'd be spiffy.

So...yeah. Expect more later, I'm bored enough. ^^;

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