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Entry 353 - New Years (1)

Oh, I so rule. ^^; Midnight on the dot, go me.

So, since this is my first entry of the new year, let's recap 2004:

-4 years since 01/10/00
-lots of friends birthdays ^^
-end of junior year
-a summer of realizations(!)
-beginning of senior year
-my 18th birthday~~
-more birthdays ^^
-holidays with family...

...and finally, new years. Today. I stand on the doorway of 2005, halfway through my senior year of high school, preparing to be free. An adult.

My goals for 2005 as follows:

-to survive senior year
-to graduate with passing grades
-to continue progress on my room ^^;
-to keep up my writing and hone my skills

I think I might've given up on the college idea. I'm just not sure I even want to go anymore, like it'd be a waste of money and I'd have more stress. Maybe I can just take a few night classes or seminars or something, I just want to be a writer. I'll have to see, though.

The snow's almost gone again. Why does it have to keep raining? -.-;

Back to school Monday, the first school day of 2005. That means I'm so much closer to graduation. It's kinda spooky.

To Jess, Steph, and Carrie: watch the skies tonight. Maybe we'll see some weird things happen again this year...

Organizing the stuff on my bureau made me realize tonight that I have lots of jewelry I never wear. I'll have to start wearing some of it at some point ^^ can't let it just sit and gather dust, right?

I want to go on a Borders trip soon. Megan said something about her and me getting together for something at some point, but she hasn't called back yet.

So...I'll probably post again at some point tonight. Watch for it.

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