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Entry 352 - Vacation (6)

New Years Eve, 2004. Can you believe it? On the doorstep of 2005.

Tasha-Hige, I got your gift today. You said something about a disk drive, but I see no disk. Were you messing with my head or did you forget something?

Kara-Kiba, want a copy of your senior picture if you have some. You can mail it and I can treasure it like I do the copy of Tasha's.

(Hige-chan, you are not ugly, you are very pretty and I love the shirt you're wearing in the picture very much. ^^)

And no, Hige-chan, I wouldn't have bought the book you put in the box, but I will read it later and I <3 you very much. The boy on the cover (Hikaru, right?) looks like he's about ready to leave once the picture's done ^^;

Ne, Kiba-chan, get online so I can talk to you~~

That goes for you too, Hige-chan. We can celebrate new years together or something, I'm lonely and bored.

Oo and just as I'm writing this, Kiba-chan appears online. ^^;

Now, just waiting for Hige-chan...

Wow, it's new years eve, maybe something interesting will happen like it has the past couple years with our group...seems like we're special or something. Maybe we have special powers...?

..or maybe we just have overactive imaginations. Whatever works.

So yeah...let's move to 2005 already, I'm sick of this year.

And it's raining again, too. Bye-bye new snow. -.-;

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