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Entry 351 - Vacation (5)

2 of the 3 bookcases are up. I no longer have towering stacks of books all over the room. ^^ plus, I have actual visible floor again.

Am I impressive or what? Scaring you all yet? ^^;

We got more snow last night, so the ground is white again. Yay. It's also been really windy and cold...maybe the snow will stay longer.

I'm craving a Borders trip. I have money for it, really wanting to go get new manga to add to my collection. ^^ Besides, might as well finish off another series, right? (.hack, only 3 books total)

Knowing me, though, I'll probably start another one while I'm there. ^^

So that entry passed 51 comments. My new record has yet to be determined, then, since people still drop off comments. Keep at it, all, and I'll help as best I can.

Kara-Kiba, still attempting to talk mom into letting me go down there during winter break. I still <3 you all. ^^

Mom's making very interesting stuff out of the turkey leftovers. ^^; I love her cooking, so it's good she's getting to cook more. Besides, it's been cold today, a hot meal will be just the thing after all this cleaning.

Anyway...keep up the commenting, let's see how far it can go!

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