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Entry 350 - Vacation (4)

So, today's the day of family and gifts..and food, can't forget the food. ^^

My brothers and I spoiled my mom this year, her best gift was the new tv they worked together on getting. ^^ she's so happy.

I didn't get much, but I didn't want much anyway. Besides, the stuff I did get is very useful, so it helps a lot.

My total was 6 new shirts, a nice new sweater, 2 funky scarves (furry ones, too, but not real fur luckily), a copy of 'My Fair Lady' on DVD (which I am so happy with, yay), and a pretty angel ornament. Later in the day, I got a $20 gift card to Borders (always a gift card, going to use it ASAP) and a lovely keepsake box, as well as a little photo book I can keep pictures in.

My biggest gift was left up in mom's room, wrapped, because it was too heavy to bring back down. She told me to go up and unwrap the top box, since once that was open, I'd get an idea of the other boxes.

3 spiffy new bookcases, each with 2 shelves. ^^ I almost screamed, I was so happy. Now I have space for all my loose books~!

(I'm sure Nissi-chan is loving my Yomiko moment, really ^^)

I hope everybody got stuff they wanted or enjoy their gifts, and hopefully the rest of vacation goes as well. Wish for snow~~


PS: 51 comments! My new record! ^^
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