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Entry 349 - Vacation (3)

Yay, it's the eve and the mood is slowly going back up. It's mellow here.

Later tonight, I'll be running off to my brother's house to wrap gifts, but I'll be back pretty quick. Not much to wrap, just a couple little things.

Tomorrow's the big day, and I'll probably be up early like usual. Luckily I have lots of books to keep me company and snacks in case I want food. I won't have to go downstairs at all until mom wakes up ^^;

It's cold here, but no snow. The rain and wind last night washed it all away. I'm a saaaaad panda ;_;

Somebody up there owes us snow now, I hope they know this.

Does anyone else feel like this year's gone by way too fast? Oo

Nissi-chan, I <3 you and I hope you like books ^^;

Tasha-Hige, you need to write ;_; I miss our origfic so much.

Everybody comment on Kara-Kiba's fic entry, she's spiffy and your feedback will make her happy~ we want a happy Kiba-chan for the holiday.

Shannon-Bunny, I miss your entries. Did you run away for the holiday?

Mika-chan, good luck with your job and hope you get everything you asked for ^^; you and your friends, even!

To everyone else on my've all been good, you all deserve gifts. Candy canes for all, now go get high on peppermint ^^ *passes candy canes*

So now...wait until next entry >) It'll be quick.


Edit(6:30 pm): I'm going for a new comment record here, who wants to play comment spam with me? Kara-Kiba had to go, but we started it off, whoever wants to join just start a new thread and let's party~!
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