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The Late Late Really Late Show...starring me

I know, it's late, but I'm having a writer's block on my homework for English. I can't think of anything, so I'm just pretty much goofing off and trying as hard as I can to come up with something. Too bad I don't have a study hall before English, or I'd get some of it done there.

I'm sitting at my desk, typing this entry, and I have a can of raspberry ginger ale (yummy) next to me. It's good stuff, really.

My plans with Mike have been postponed until a later date, so my weekend is free for now. Maybe I can go down to Kelly's and we can work on our stories. Story session, and this time we can have music, too. I'll bring some of my CDs and a selection of my stories, and we can hang out and be goofy. ^_^

I need to get my homework done, and I have two oral presentations to do in about 2 or 3 weeks. I hate oral presentations so much, and I get this awful case of stage fright. I'm not the kind of person who can easily stand up in front of people and do that.

It's so cold up here. It was about 22 degrees this morning, and steadily getting colder by nightfall. I'm still cold, and I'm in a heated house with the heat turned up. Jeepers, I just can't stand this. If it's gonna snow, why doesn't it just snow already? I'm sick of waiting.

Well, I'm gonna head off. I'll try to put a bio in the next entry if I can, k? Sleep well and have dreams, all...niters and laters!

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