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Entry 348 - Vacation (2)

The mood here just went from mellow to very not merry.

The stress level has just gone up.

In the mail today, mom got a letter. For traverse jury, beginning on January 10th.

Those who know me know what this date signifies. Mom was not amused that this letter came today, so close to the holidays. Personally, I think that this is lousy and she's hoping she doesn't have to actually be on the jury.

Scott, I hope you can help, mom said she had plans and now with the jury thing she's upset.

I'm wondering if her gifts will help any now...

Meanwhile, it's raining here -.- want snow now, please.

Still attempting to get a ride around to drop off my gifts, so people, just wait a bit longer.

*hugs books and licks candy cane* Peppermint, don't fail me now...

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