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Entry 347 - Vacation (1)

Oh, yeah, we are out, baby. ^^; Finally we are on vacation, so now we can be lazy and sleep in, eat tons of candy, and be with our crazy families.

Kara-Kiba, so happy you love the necklace and I want a picture of you wearing it soon. ^^; you have to come online at some point, too.

Tasha-Hige, where'd you go this time? Oo

Pam-Blue, I think you and I should have a talk...privately, if you don't mind. ^^; tomorrow if you're on, maybe?

RJ, Jeff, you guys will get your gifts soon ^^; and Jeff, you and Moira share a bag, is that alright?

Carlin, I'm happy you love your gift, and I adore mine ^^; and Matt did get his poster.

I've actually been working a bit on cleaning my room. Lots more clothes in the yard sale box, more space in my closet for stuff, and lots of books with no place to put them. I need another bookcase, hoping to get one in here when mom moves the armoire to the other room. So many books, so little space. ^^;

Anybody watch 'Read or Die'? I've been compared to Yomiko. ^^; and I like it, actually *hugs books*

We need more snow, can we start wishing for more?

Happy holidays and go get high on peppermint. ^.~

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