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Entry 346

Yeah, no catchy title this time since I'm all bored and tired.

Finished reading my book for English...what a lousy ending, "everybody dies, the end" -.-; my teacher is weird, that's all I can think of.

Kara-Kiba, I'm buying you something and that's that. ^^ So there. I think you'll like what I get you, too...I'll send you a copy of my senior pic.

Tasha-Hige, if you don't say what you want, I'm getting you something anyway. ^^

I want more snow, who's with me? Snow day, snow day, snow day...

Still not disclosing gifts, since everybody I'm buying for has access to this LJ and they might find out. So not yet. ^^

My roll of photos turned out ^^ 16 I can use, Ethan's going to help me in the darkroom tomorrow (I hope, anyway).

Meanwhile, everything here is quiet, and things are going well. Mom and I are going grocery shopping tomorrow, which means we'll have food to make food with. Food is not a bad thing.

One week until vacation. Break out the santa hats and candy canes, all. ^^

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