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Entry 345 - Snowfall

Yes, snow. ^^; lovely wonderful white fluffy snow. I don't care it's cold, we're finally getting looks like winter up here now.

So far, school is going well. We actually had to open a window in the art history room today, it was so warm in there. That's a very rare thing, the room not being cold. That whole hallway is a bit cold, though, so...

Tasha-Hige, why did you poof so fast? Oo

Kara-Kiba, I will try and call you again sometime. Anything you want for the holiday? I'm getting you and Tasha-Hige gifts. ^^

I need to do the rest of my shopping...maybe I can talk mom into letting me walk down to the dollar store or something.

For those on LJ who are actually going to the discussion in the lecture hall after school (the graphic novel thing), see you there. ^^

Still taking suggestions for books...need something to read over the holidays, and the more suggestions, the better ^^; go ahead, whoever wants to suggest, suggest away. As many as you want, doesn't matter.

I'm not disclosing gifts here. You all have to wait ^.~

I hope it keeps snowing. ^^ it's so pretty when it snows up here.

Who says Friday the 13 is bad? Monday the 13 is worse...

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