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Entry 344 - Sick Day

Yeah, remember when I updated yesterday in the very early morning, saying I would probably get a ride home if it was still rainy out? It wasn't: I didn't. I walked.

And then I got home and fell asleep. And woke up feeling like minute-old roadkill. Needless to say, I spent most of the afternoon and all night shaking in bed and sleeping on and off. I tried drinking something only to have it all come back up in the bathroom sink later (when I could actually get up and move without shaking too much).

So yeah, mom called me in this morning after both of us spent the night sicker than dogs. She had her own problems, though, worse than mine.

We're both alright now, anyway, I just still have a headache. For those who missed me (at school today and online last night), I should be back at school tomorrow. I'm already online (have been since about 2 this afternoon, in fact, after I slept until 1 or so).

Kara (Kiba), I'm sorry I couldn't call you, but if you're online tomorrow or something, you can tell me what you wanted/needed to, k? ^^; or post it in a comment here (can even just e-mail it to me or something if you want it private).

Tasha (Hige), you poofed. Oo where did you go? are you coming back?

Pam (Blue), how goes the homework? Is yours very tough?

We got our graduation packets and info yesterday...the whole thing would've been more exciting without the horrible loud pop music, but oh well. Amy and I sat up in the back making comments to each other through the whole thing anyway, and then we talked about who we were inviting and stuff.

Talked to Katie in English about Project Graduation--basically, it's a big party thing after the actual event, lasts from 6 to 6 (overnight party, woo). Thing is...graduation is on my mom's birthday this year.

I can only hope we at least go out to breakfast. Maybe we could do the birthday dinner thing the night before or something. The joke about this, of course, is that my graduation would be a great birthday gift for her ^^;

Keep up the book suggestions, I could use holiday reading material and all. Only 2 people have suggested books so far, however *gives cookies*

Whoever messaged me earlier (Ohdearyme21), I hope you decide that online stalking is wrong and you turn yourself in, k? -.-;

Tasha/Hige, I'm still trying to come up with ideas for my next chapter of the's hard, though, since your chapter was so well done. I'll keep trying to come up with my chapter, but if you have any suggestions, just drop me a line. ^^;

So......I guess that's it.

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