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Entry 343 - Latenight

Alright, I think the wind finally died down. At least, I hope so. Back upstairs in my room after spending several hours downstairs listening to music and being around the rest of the household. The only noise is due to the rain, it's still heavy, but the wind has calmed down.

I think I might actually bring my cd player with me to school tomorrow. Carlin, I think you'll be glad to know I listened to the cd you got me twice over tonight, it's that addicting ^^; maybe someday I'll remember the songs all the way through; for now, I just know little bits of some. It's fun.

I actually did a bit of writing while I was downstairs...a little bit on my origfic, a bit on that crossover I had going, and started one of the random origfic ideas I got earlier (the cat one, either Pam-chan or Tasha suggested it). It helped pass the time, and I got to laugh at my writing ^^;

Satellite's not working 'cause the weather's still rainy. Oh well, this is supposed to be over sometime tomorrow, and I'm getting a ride in the morning anyway. If it's still bad by the end of school, I'll get a ride home. Carlin, if that happens, want a ride? ^^;

Is it just me, or is this quarter much shorter than the others? It goes by so quick due to the days off and holidays we have, I guess.

I'll be sad when the semester (and photo) are over. Then I'll just have a study hall at the end of the day...hopefully they'll actually be silent ones, not "we say silent but everybody talks anyway" ones like my mod 7 one. I just simply hate that one, and try to get out whenever possible.

The Knights of the Cafeteria Round Table are working well. The 6 of us don't have a mission yet, but you know we'll have one soon. ^^;

No, we're not Magic Knights...or Zodiac Knights, though maybe we could be. Just without the cloth and all, y'know? ^^; If nobody wants the pink one...hey, I could handle it. Oo No, really, I think I could. But anyway...

Yeah, delaying going off to bed. I'm not even tired...slept until about this time in the afternoon today, I'm wide awake. Would be watching tv, but the satellite can't get a signal. Oh well, I have my LJ.

Yes, I know I have school in less than 6 hours. Point being...?

Oo is it even breezy out there? It looks like the wind really calmed down. Like, nothing's moving. It's weird. Now all we need is for the rain to stop.

Only sad thing is that none of my Cafeteria Knights are on LJ. Then we could have meetings and stuff online, that'd be kinda fun. Wouldn't it? ^^

Yes, I'm rambling. It's been a while since I've done this, give me some time, k? ^^ Besides, it's calmed down now and I feel like talking in here. Everything's all soggy's so sad. I am glad I got my pictures on Saturday, though...while everything was crisp and cold, with even a little snow left on the ground. Today would've been an awful day for outside pictures. I only hope my film didn't freeze in the camera from Saturday night, it was very cold and I was out for a while...

Here's something for my friends (and people who read this thing) to answer. Name one of your favorite books to read (to rec to me for reading) and name why you like it. Be sure to put title and author!

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