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Entry 342 - Winds of Change


Yes, I am a wuss. Forgive me, but I hate high winds. Thankfully, I don't live in a hurricane-prone area (unlike say, down south in FL and all), but this is too much for me. I am curled up in my computer chair, cuddling a teddy bear and my flashlight, praying the power stays on.

Why yes, I am paranoid, why do you ask questions when you already know the answers? (nobody will know where that last part came from besides me, sadly)

Go back to school tomorrow. Blah. Don't want to go.

I wish this weather would stop now, please. Can't relax. Need calmness. Need writing ideas, preferably origfic ideas. Somebody please hear my cries and supply me with much needed hugging and origfic ideas pleasepleaseplease?

So far, I think I might have gotten perfect attendance for this quarter...unless dismissals negate that, in which case, I lose. ;_;

Anybody want to make a public library trip with me sometime? I'm craving reading material that isn't provided in the school one. The school has no Dickens books, want to read them desperately.

Somebody please make the winds stooooooooo~p...

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