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Entry 341 - Rant

Yeah, alright, it's another entry really soon after the other, but I feel like getting this out. Whoever doesn't want to read it, don't, but don't read it and then complain if you don't like it. It is my LJ, I am expressing my own opinions, k?

That settled, onto the rant at hand.

For those who read my previous entries, report cards came out about a week or so ago. I passed, but some people didn' a lot.

Yes, I'm talking about Carrie. If she reads this and pitches an unholy fit, don't blame me, I warned you.

She says she's hoping to go to college. Alright, cool. But the problem is, she's failing 3 classes and still needs help in algebra 1. She switched math classes and still seeks help from outside sources.

I think she's being a coward. She can't survive college if she's afraid to go to the teacher for help. Jess isn't going to be there to help her, and Jess can't take the tests for her anyway. Besides, Jess has enough work to do already.

Apparently, Jess and her mom want Carrie to come to them for help. I think this is a bad idea and it's encouraging Carrie to be a coward. I think she should do her own work so she can actually prepare for the real world.

Besides, she's still failing even with help from Jess--I think the teacher should be consulted so Carrie can learn how not to fail.

And the other day, when Jess wasn't feeling well--why go over and bug her for help when she's sick? That's very rude, I think.

Unfortunately, this is still going on: I think Carrie is taking the coward's way out of actually talking to the teacher, but she won't listen.

The teachers even insist that if we have problems, it's safe to come to them for help, so why is Carrie blowing off her teacher like that? She even has a different teacher now, so what's the big problem? The teachers don't bite off heads or turn students into small furry animals (of course, that might be fun if they did, hehe ^^; turn Ben into a ferret and squish him, that'd be fun), so why is she so afraid of going to them for help?

She acts like a big tough girl, but then she's a wuss about confronting teachers...seems quite hypocritical to me.

It might make sense to her, but it doesn't make any sense to me.

Maybe someday she'll learn that she can't do this in the real world...before she goes off to college without Jess to hold her hand and reteach her things.

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