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Entry 340 - Life

Yeah, another entry from me within a month. Forgive me for a second:


There, much better. I just needed to get that out, I've been really stressed all day and I'm happy to just be home for the weekend.

I hate being female sometimes. I've been in a pretty weird mood since yesterday morning (barely made it to my second class before I went home) and today I had a lot to catch up on. I now have math homework this weekend, and an assignment for photo with my 35mm camera. They're actually really nice cameras, too, even if they are a bit heavy.

So now it's raining outside again, and the wind keeps picking up. Apparently we're supposed to have high winds tonight...guess who's not sleeping for a while tonight?

That's right, me. It'll be loud, and I've slept enough.

In other news....yeah. Been writing stuff lately, just not much. If anyone has ideas, feel free to suggest them. I'm bound to come up with something.

Sure, I could draw things for people, or make icons...but then, I can't draw or make icons, so....yeah. Writing will have to do.

Steph, pleasepleaseplease LJ-cut the endless quiz entries? Especially if they're just for one person to takes up space on my friends page. Plus, it just makes for lots of stuff to scroll through, and that takes a long time.

Carlin...I love the new style. ^^ your clothing choice rules. I'm about to start taking tips from you now--you wouldn't mind, would you?

Pam-chan, good luck coming up with ideas for the group origfic. Tasha, I meant to talk to you about ours: maybe we could work on some ideas? And I added more to my own origfic: Ethan got quite a scare.

Sara-Hikari-chan, hope you got home safe and hope I see you online soon. ^^

To everyone lots of food and sleep in. Enjoy your weekend.

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