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Entry 339 - Grades

Yes, it's that time of year again: first report cards of the school year.

Yes, I did pass everything. My lowest grade was a C (music lit, all those quizzes I did kinda ehhh on...), and if I hadn't gotten that, I would've made honor roll. To those who did, way cool and good for you. ^^

Carlin, thanks again for posing for me. ^^ you look really good in pictures, did you know that? and RJ, anything you can do to help would be great.

I've been so swamped with homework lately that I haven't been able to write much. It's sad, really. Never fear, Hige-chan, for I will write chapter 16 soon and make sure you get it. ^^

Good luck on writing the first part of the group origfic, Pam-chan. ^^

To Kara-chan and the others going to Bonny Eagle high school, good luck to your team on Saturday and hope you all are coping well with your loss. ;_; I didn't know the girl, but I hope you're all finding peace somehow.

Maybe she's in Paradise listening to music and playing on the computer, that'd be kinda fun, wouldn't it? ^^; Gotta think of funny things like my dad playing golf up there. Something amusing makes things better.

Everybody wish Carrie (dragon_angel) good luck with her report card, and hope that she doesn't get punished too badly.

Steph, you do know LJ offers spellcheck for the entries, right? Oo it might clean up your entries and make them easier to read, they're kinda jumbled.

Jeff, does Moira want the Mulan fan back? If not, can I keep it? ^^; It's kinda cute.

Oh well, Hige-chan, there's always winter break to see you and Kiba-chan (Kara), right? ^^; and we planned that out really well, so there's more chance of it happening.

Still waiting for snow...

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