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Entry 338 - School

Look at me, I'm actually posting again. ^^ 7 comments on that entry, guys really must've missed me or something.

Tasha-Hige-chan, I'm sorry your computer ate you and I promise I'll send you the chat log as a whole with chapter 16 of our origfic. ^^ 16 is my favorite number, I am determined to make this chapter good.

Speaking of origfics...any luck starting ours, Pam-Blue-chan? ^^;

As far as I know, I'm passing everything. I'm determined not to miss any days this quarter, and I'm hoping my reading class actually comes close to winning the contest this time. ^^ we got so pwned last quarter...I think Carrie's sister might still be smug about it.

Had book club meeting today, we discussed the book and talked about future plans. Apparently we're going to have a guy talk to us about graphic novels (us 3 regular members, Tim, Carrie and I, are excited) and he might even have stuff to give away. We're going to try and see if more people will want to come, probably over announcements or something. I might go for a backup route; sometimes the classes get loud and nobody can hear the announcements at all.

The big football game on Friday is in Portland...and it's us against Tasha's school. I was thinking I could go and finally meet her and Kara...but the thing is, nobody is going to want to drive me clear down there and back on a Friday night.

Oh well, there's still a chance of going down there for a couple days during winter break, if mom will let me go. *hopehopehope*

So meanwhile, it slowly gets colder. I want snow, darn it. -.-;

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