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Entry 337 - A Return

Yes, you guys are finally getting an entry from me. After a long time, I finally return to this poor neglected LJ to say this:


That, in case nobody knows, is due to spending time online with one Maria Stars, who has no brain and thinks she is a hotshot writer just 'cause she has "muses" who help her with ideas.

Hige-chan (Tasha), can we destroy her yet? -.-; please?

She thinks that people up here shouldn't bother cooking 'cause fast food and going out to eat are easier (except for the fact we have something called "negative degree weather" up here and sometimes warming up the car is more of a chore than cooking); she says I'm not a writer if I don't have muses (they don't help, if they even exist--mine are lazy); she acts like her character is something she can't change (which she could, but she doesn't bother 'cause she's lazy).

But anyway, that over, school is progressing like normal, thanksgiving is next week (we expect you up here soon, Justin) and the weather is slowly getting colder. We actually get frost now, so that means snow can't be too far behind. ^^ Yay.

I've been writing lately, and reading a lot of stuff. It helps pass the time in study hall (where it's supposed to be silent, but everyone talks anyway) and I think it's a way to wind down at the end of the day.

Speaking of study hall, today was actually bearable in there. Sarah Mckean was there today, which is rare since she usually goes to the band room. She sits across the room from me by a few rows, so we were sitting and making faces at each other. Some kid watched us, and tried to copy us. Needless to say, we started mocking how stupid he looked trying to copy us. ^^;

I caught up to her after the bell, when we headed to lunch, and we decided that we had to do that tomorrow. We also decided that we had a Sirius and James moment ^^ and we really had a fun time doing so. We so rock.

Other than that, everything's been pretty normal. I'm awaiting the holidays (it seems like second quarter is shorter due to so many days off and holidays and such) and next week, the photo students get the 35mm cameras. ^^ I can't wait for it, even if mom has some worries about me sharing it with someone and being responsible for such an expensive object. about all the milestones this year? Red Sox winning the series, Bush in office again...what an exciting year.

And I'm a senior in high school. Graduating this year. Mom will be turning 50 on the day I graduate from high school. Scary, huh? ^^

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