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Entry 335 - School's in Session

Yeah, I get bad about updating this, but I posted an entry in the (sadly comatose) muse community and figured I'd put something in here.

I am a high school senior. Go me. ^^;

I will be 18 in less than a week. Yes, Hikari-chan, you and Yami-chan can tease me about being a 'legal chibi' then. ^^

It's a sure sign of being too much of an anime fan when you're in an astronomy class and can't stop giggling when anyone mentions the constellations or even forms of the word "gravitation" (seriously, I'm such a dork). ^^;

Anyway...seems like summer went fast. Oo I was surprised when we got to the night before the first day of school and was like "OO where's summer?" until it totally sunk in.

By the way, I adore my classes. Most of my teachers have a sense of humor, so this year should be great. I'll be doing a lot of reading, but also a lot of creative work (art and photo) too.

I hope to get some writing in as well, maybe during a free study hall or something.

Lunch should be weirder as time goes on, since I have both Carrie and Steph in there (and wow, Steph and I are talking, this is weirder than normal).

I'll be back for updates next time I think about it. ^^;

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