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Entry 334 - Parties and Plans

I know, long time since last update, but I finally have something to post about, so here goes...

For those who didn't know, Matt (his mom was very brave, a houseful of teens and a little girl) held a party on Friday that lasted all day. I don't believe Carlin and the others have made posts on this yet, so I'll give you my opinion.

It started at 10 in the morning (we were all up about 9-9:30 and we are so not morning people) and we all met in Brewer at the arcade. Played a few games, got sodas, and hung out while assembling the group.

His mom came and got us about noon, making 2 trips from the bowling alley to the house in order to get us all there safely (and legally).

There, we listened to music, had lunch, and played in the backyard. Trust me, watching Matt, Carlin, and Clay going down a slip-and-slide is quite amusing.

This act, however, helped them decide to go to the pond for a swim. Two trips again, back and forth, to get us all there. Matt took Jeff and me on a walk in the woods, and then we joined the others by the pond. Matt went in while Jeff and I stayed on shore (not water people, really).

When we tired of that, we made two trips back to the house and listened to more music over dinner. The group played a bit of 4-square (fun game, but then it sparked a debate over which way was right, I think it varies from place to place and they switched serving squares anyway) and then Jeff's mom showed up a while early.

We invited her in for cake and ice cream, and we settled the ride problem. Mom had taken me, Carlin, and Josh over, and she's not good with night driving. Carlin's mom took us back towards home, and I had called mom before we left to fill her in (and see if the front light was on at home).

I returned home about 9:30 to a couple of messages from Carrie (4 calls is a bit much, girl) and decided to wait until the next day to call her back.

Mom and I were going to go shopping the next day, but it turned out rainy with possible storms, so we postponed it for Sunday. No big, I slept half the day anyway.

Sunday means breakfast with mom and her sister, so we did that. ^^; It's pretty fun, and I get fed, so it's something I've started looking forward to. We came home for a pit stop and headed out to the mall about noon.

Needless to say, we went to a few stores, and I came home with a new pair of jeans, three really spiffy shirts with writing on them, a few essentials, and a cherry slushie. ^^;

Mom even got a few things, so it wasn't all bad.

We have yet to go grocery shopping, but we're supposed to be doing that today once mom's ready. We did a quick corner store run last night and I got the final binder I needed. It's purple, in case anyone wants to know. ^^;

So, I'm still less than a month away from my birthday (09-12, I will finally be voting legal, the big 18) and the folk festival is coming up. Carlin, do you still think the group will be meeting up on that side of town and walking down? It'd be easier on everybody than driving down and getting stuck in traffic. We'll need a day, my mom's going to be out of town but she's giving me money and I have some saved.

Well, until the next entry, then....

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